3-Day Jungle Trip

"Cultural Discovery" € 250,-


  • Transport from Paramaribo to Knini Paati and back
  • All meals and coffee, tea, water


  • Forest Walk
  • Village walk with cultural experience
  • Nightly boattrip
  • Swimming in the sula

Day 1

Departure from Paramaribo to Atjoni is around 9:00 am. Along the way you make two stops to use the sanitary facilities or to enjoy a snack. At the beginning of the afternoon you will arrive at Atjoni, after which you will embark on an hour-long boat trip to Knini Paati. Upon arrival on the island you can relax while enjoying a late lunch. Then it is time for check-in and you can start installing in the lodge. The first day is dedicated to settling and getting familiar to the surroundings. You have the opportunity to go swimming or to relax in the sula. At 19:00 it is time for the evening meal after which you can enjoy the evening.

Day 2

This day is all about experiencing and impressions. Breakfast is ready at 08:00 and at 09:00 you leave for your first excursion. This takes a few hours so that you are back on the island in time to enjoy lunch. Then you are free to, perhaps, read a good book in your hammock or for siesta. At 16:00 it is time for the next excursion and also lasts a few hours. You will be back in time to freshen up for the evening meal, at 19:00, after which you can prepare for the third excursion, spotting caimans and other nocturnal animals during the nightly boat trip. With larger groups of visitors there is a dance workshop from the local group Pasensi Uma during the second evening.

Day 3

The third day of your stay is also focused on relaxing. Breakfast is ready at 08:00 and afterwards you can enjoy your last hours on the island. Relax in the hammock on the balcony of your lodge or swim in the sula before you return to the bustle of Paramaribo. At 11:00 o’clock it is time for the check-out followed by a nice lunch at 11:30. At 12:00 the journey back to Atjoni starts. There you will be picked up by our driver. During the journey to Paramaribo you make a single stopover so you are back on time at your holiday address, still amazed by the beautiful visit to Upper Suriname!

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