4 Day Jungle Trip

"Jungle Trekking" € 450,-

* Four days, one night on the island, two nights in the jungle


  • Transport from Paramaribo to Knini Paati and back
  • All meals and coffee, tea, water


  • 2 nights in the jungle
  • Village walk with cultural experience
  • Nightly boattrip
  • Swimming in the sula

Day 1

Departure from Paramaribo to Atjoni is around 9:00 am Along the way you make two stops to use the sanitary facilities or to enjoy a snack. At the beginning of the afternoon you will arrive at Atjoni, after which you will embark on an hour-long boat trip to Knini Paati. Upon arrival on the island you can relax
while enjoying a hot meal. Then it is time for the check-in and you can start installing at the lodge. The first day is dedicated to relaxation and acclimatization. You have the opportunity to go swimming or to relax in the sula. At 19:00 it is time for the evening meal after which you can enjoy the evening.

Day 2

This day is when the great adventure begins! After breakfast at 08:00 you are ready for the departure to our jungle camp. We store your luggage safely in our warehouse. At 09:00 you leave with a guide and his team to our jungle camp. It is a brisk walking tour of a few hours. Upon arrival you can install and you
will experience the jungle as the ancestors of the local residents did. You will be sleeping in a hammock, bathing in the river and cooking on a self-stoked wood fire. The evening is filled, as the locals did, with storytelling around the campfire. The evening is filled, as the locals did, by oral transmission of history by telling stories and anecdotes.

Day 3

You awaken together with the jungle and its inhabitants. Their sounds are your natural alarm clock! You realize that you have slept surprisingly well in your hammock. Breakfast is ready at 08:00 and around 9:00 am you prepare for your second day in the jungle. You go a lot deeper into the forest, with your
guide leading the way of course, to experience the raw beauty. The jungle camp is the basis for the
various activities that will be undertaken. You experience a full day, from sunrise to sunset, of life in the forest. On this day you will learn most about the lifestyle of the local residents.

Day 4

You survived and to your surprise you even slept in the hammock! The breakfast was delicious and after the hike of a few hours and the short boat trip, you arrive tired but satisfied on the island. You will receive your luggage back in good condition and can refresh and change clothes. At 11:00 the check-out
time is at 11:30 and lunch is ready and you can enjoy a nice hot meal. At 12:00 you start the return trip to Atjoni where our driver is ready to escort you back to Paramaribo. During this return journey you only make a stopover so that you are back on time at your holiday address, completely impressed by your
jungle adventure in Upper Suriname!

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