Animals in Suriname

During your stay at Knini Paati River Resort you will participate in several excursions that will take you to locations in the area. Some of these activities focus on the flora and fauna of the Upper Suriname region. Even during the drive from Paramaribo to Atjoni, which takes you right through the Surinamese jungle, it is already worth looking at the treetops and landscape. Who knows, you may see a woodland bunny hopping by, or the blue butterfly which in this region prevents, the morpho menelaus, of a sloth nibbling on a leaf of the bunch of papaya ...

It teems with wild life in the jungle ofn Suriname but not always it will show itself. The locals, however, live in harmony with nature, which can cause you to find yourself during a village walk, one of our excursions, special pets such as toucans, skull-facedmonkeys, the cute marmosets, sloths, forest hogs or macaws.

On Kninipaati itself, no large wild animals are found as they are mainly found on the mainland and further away in the jungle. Sometimes the island gets well visit from a small colony of monkeys that has found its home on a nearby island. And the “house iguana,” which is quite large in size, can also show its head from time to time. In addition, we have Lala the Huisara after whom the Alala Bar in the restaurant is named.

We offer also the opportunity to go caiman spotting in dhe evening hours. This exciting boattrip in the dark is special and, in addition to the diversity of nocturnal animals, shows the qualities of the local boatmen who know how to navigate perfectly well among the rocks in the river only with the help of moonlight and a light. Negene out of ten times they will, because of their knowledge and trained eye, will also be the first to point out where there is a caiman or a snake to be seen.

Wild dbears are not hunted for sport.. They hunt specific specific animals such as deer and forest rabbits and only on That which one needs to meet one’s daily needs. can provide. Fish happens daily and often enough guests go work with the guide to provide freshly caught fish for the evening meal or as a tasty snack in between!

The diversity of flora and fauna is very special and immens. Did you know that one of the loudest sounds in the jungle is made by an animal not much bigger than your thumb? Who knows, you might see this animal during your visit to Kninipaati River Resort!

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