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Knini Paati River Resort is a relaxation resort located in the district of Sipaliwini, about 200km away from Paramaribo. That’s a three-hour drive and a short hour by boat away from the capital.
It is an island made up of two parts and it is located in the middle of the Ferulasi Sula. The administrator and host of the resort is Nelson Tiapoe. Nelson is a direct descendant of the Maroons (enslaved people) who fled from the plantations and founded the village of Knini Paati at this location.

The story of Knini Paati begins in 2011 when Nelson decided to set up a sanctuary with four camps, a common room and kitchen. However, he always ran with a dream namely setting up a luxury resort in the middle of the jungle of Suriname. With this dream and vision, he began construction in 2015 on the new part of the resort that has been transformed into the luxury resort it is today. It is currently the only resort in the more luxurious segment that is completely owned by locals. In this beautiful resort with its comfortable lodges you can enjoy flora & fauna, experience the local culture or relax in the cooling rapids.
“I am proud to say that we are currently the only resort in the upper Suriname area equipped with the facilities we offer to our guests. Our goal is therefore also to always continue to distinguish ourselves and allow all our guests to experience the interior in a yet more luxurious way, Aldus Nelson Tiapoe, owner of Knini Paati Eco River Resort.”
The resort also has a jungle camp, located on the Lokotikreek (a side creek in the Suriname River) that can be reached by boat or on foot, about a two-and-a-half-hour walk, where there is also the possibility where guests can spend the night in the traditional way. Sleep in a hammock, bathe in the river, cook on a homemade wood fire after enjoying the luxury and comfortable facilities at the resort.

Respect for nature and culture are important aspects within the operation of the resort. Therefore, solar panels are used to minimize environmental impact. All staff come from the nearby villages to encourage knowledge transfer and preservation of this knowledge. The house ravens, Lara and Rio, live there in harmony with the workers on the island and are greatly loved by guests.
Knini Paati River Resort collaborates with the Children of New Aurora Foundation. From each payment per guest, SRD 50 is donated to this foundation.Your visit to Knini Paati River Resort creates a positive ripple effect in the surrounding area.
Knini Paati is definitely worth exploring!

“Knini Paati … the place where the beauty of contrasts comes together”

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