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The beauty of diversity
Knini Paati River Resort is a relaxation resort located in the Sipaliwini district, about 200km from Paramaribo. That is a three-hour drive and an hour’s boattrip from the capital. It is an island that consists of two parts and is located in the middle of the Ferulasi Sula. The manager and host of the resort is Nelson Tiapoe. He is a direct descendant of the enslaved Africans who fled from the plantations and founded the village of Knini on this location.
At the beginning of 2017, the entire resort was renovated and transformed into the luxury relaxation resort that it is today. It is currently the only resort in the luxury segment that is entirely in the hands of local residents. In this beautiful resort with its comfortable lodges you can enjoy flora & fauna, experience the local culture or relax in the cooling waterrapids.
The resort also has a jungle camp, on the mainland and about two and a half hours of walking, where guests can stay overnight, experiencing the traditional way of life. Sleep in a hammock, bathe in the river, cook on a wood fire after having enjoyed the air-conditioned lodge and swimming pool. Knini Paati River Resort is a place of relaxation where the beauty of diversity comes together!
Respect for nature and culture are important aspects within the operation of the resort. That is why solar panels are used to minimize the impact on the environment. All employees come from nearby villages to stimulate knowledge transfer and retention of this knowledge. The pet raven Lala, after whom the Alala Bar is named, lives in harmony with the employees on the island and is very popular with the guests.
Knini Paati River Resort collaborates with the foundation Children of New Aurora. SRD 5 is donated to this foundation for every payment per guest. Your visit to Knini Paati River Resort creates a positive ripple effect in the surrounding area and therefore, and many more reasons it is worth the discovery!

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