Excursions Suriname

During a holiday in Suriname it is absolutely worthwhile to take one of the many excursions that take you outside Paramaribo, the capital. There are many possibilities to make nice trips. Popular are day trips to the various plantations, which have been restored to their former glory, in the district of
Commewijne. Or a little further, to the Brownsberg in the Brokopondo district, to enjoy a brisk walk to the beautiful Irene Falls. The adventurous tourist can get on a rented bike by him or herself. Make a bike trip to the fort Nieuw Amsterdam, a beautiful open-air museum with a permanent exhibition about the important supporting role of Suriname during the Second World War. Day trips from Paramaribo cost on average between 50 and 150 euros per person and include transportation, any entrance fees, drinks and food. Departure times are always between 08:00 and 09:00 in the morning. The most special are the multi-day excursions to the jungle, in the far interior of Suriname. Especially the Upper Suriname area, with its authentic Maroon culture and a wide range of
lodges, is highly recommended. Knini Paati River Resort is one of these resorts and is located on a double island, in the middle of the Ferulasi Sula.
It is a more luxurious resort, compared to the rest, which mainly focuses on relaxing and peacefully enjoying nature and culture. The most popular is the three-day tour where you stay two nights on the island. Various excursions are made from Kninipaati. These short trips are included in the three-day package. A visit to a nearby Maroon village where you will get to know the culture or a walk through the
jungle where you will learn how the Maroons survived.
A three-day Kninipaati trip costs around 250 euros and includes transportation to and from your holiday address in Greater Paramaribo, excursions, accommodation, meals and non-alcoholic drinks. People are often scared of the prices because they are in euros. However, after making a total sum where you take
all aspects in consideration, you will see that these are very reasonable.
During your stay on the island, besides the included excursions, you can also book extra trips to, for example, the Tapawatra Sula or Pikin Slee and the Saamakka Museum. For the real adventurer, a four- day excursion to Kninipaati in the jungle of Suriname is a must. They stay two nights on the island and
sleep the third night in a jungle camp. One experiences the jungle as the ancestors of the current residents did. Sleeping in a hammock, bathing in the river and cooking on a self-stoked fire are all beautiful experiences that will become a lasting memory!
Knini Paati is the place that embodies the beauty of diversity!

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