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Suriname is known, even now, as the greenest country in the world. The jungle there is immense and has a particularly great diversity of wild fruits, orchids, medicinal plants, trees and shrubs. Flowers and especially plants are very important within Surinamese culture. During your vacation in Suriname is well worth taking an excursion on Sundays along the more famous Sunday markets such as the Javanese, Chinese and Rommel markets. For plant lovers, the Orchid Market is highly recommended! This is located near the Cultural garden and the location, a small park with large trees, is nice and cool and shady. All of these markets are free to visit and are fine to do as a half-day excursion. Just make sure an empty stomach because in addition to many beautiful plants, there will be many treats available. As you move further from the city and thus deeper into the jungle, you will experience this pass in its raw beauty. The various colors of greenery and the different palm species, each with its own fruit wear. In the Upper Suriname area, you can expect a beautiful combination of nature and culture. And at Kninipaati River Resort they will take you on a day trip into the jungle where guides will take you take into the world of medicinal plants and useful trees such as the telephone tree. Along the way, there will be a plant that stands out tremendously with its bright colors of yellow and orange. It is the palulu, the national flower of Suriname. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the “fayalobi. This one is namely, along with a number of other plants, came with the Hindu immigrants from India. Suriname has become a hodgepodge of cultures when it comes to culinary matters, and this is evident in the different plants. Thus, you will see that in the jungle there are almost no mango trees while these abound in the city. This is because this fruit also came with the immigrants from abroad. Also, feel free to ask for a cup of fresh tea if you are staying at the resort. A number of plants are growing From which delicious teas are drawn that also have stimulating effects. A tasty anise tea works very soothing. Lemongrass tea is invigorating. Suffering from headaches? Then ask for a tea pulled from the leaves of the cotton plant. Or do you really want to experience something different, Then the tea made from the leaves of the forest papaya is for you. The Suriname jungle is not called the pharmacy of the natives and Maroons for nothing!

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