Flora in Suriname

Suriname is still known today as the greenest country in the world. The jungle is immense and has a particularly large diversity of wild fruits, orchids, medicinal plants, trees and shrubs. Flowers and especially plants are very important within Surinamese culture. During your holiday in Suriname it is
certainly worthwhile to make an excursion on the Sunday along the more familiar Sunday markets such as the Javanese, the Chinese and the flea market.
Especially the Orchid Market is highly recommended! This is located near the Cultuurtuin, Culture Gardens, and the location, a small park with large trees, is nice and cool and shady. All these markets are free to visit and can be easily done during a half a day excursion. Make sure you have an empty stomach
because, besides many beautiful plants, there will also be lots of delicious food available. When you move further from the city and thus deeper into the jungle, you will experience it in its raw beauty. The various colors of green, the different types of palms, each with their own colorful fruits. In
the Upper Suriname area you can expect a nice combination of nature and culture. And at Kninipaati River Resort they take you on a trip into the jungle where the guides will take you into the world of medicinal plants and usable trees such as the telephone tree.
On the way there will be a plant that is very striking because of its bright yellow and orange color. It is the palulu, the national flower of Suriname. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the 'fayalobi'. This,
along with a number of other plants, came along with the immigrants from India.
Suriname has become a mishmash of cultures in the culinary field and that is also the case with the flora and, to a lesser extent, the fauna. So you will see that there are almost no mango trees in the jungle while there are plenty in the city. That is because this fruit was brought to Suriname by the immigrants
from abroad.
Do not hesitate to ask for a cup of fresh tea during your stay at Knini Paati. A number of plants grow on the island from which delicious teas are made. They also have a medicinal effect. A tasty anise tea works
very soothing. The tea of lemongrass is invigorating. Headache? Then ask for a tea drawn from the leaves of the cotton plant. Or do you really want to experience something different, then the tea from the leaves of the wild papaya might be something for you!
Did you know that penicillin was discovered in a Surinamese plant by Mr. Kwasi? No coincidence the Surinamese jungle is known as the pharmacy of the Indigenous tribes and the Maroons!

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