Fishing in Suriname

Suriname has not only a diversity of cultures but also of flora and fauna. This diversity is also reflected in the number of species of fish found there. Special multi-day excursions can be booked to, for example, the reservoir for fishing. A favorite pastime for Surinamese fishermen is fishing for anjumara, as the large predatory fish are called that dwell among the rocks in the rivers.
During your stay at Knini Paati River Resort, you can book a special day trip, upon request, to the area where these large predatory fish are found. However, if you want to stay on the island but enjoy the tranquility of fishing, you can already do so at the mooring jetty where locals also fish to meet their daily needs.
A real delicacy is the “dyogu,” a small fish similar to the sardine and also eaten fried. Very tasty when fried in one of the locally produced oils such as amana or maripa oil. Another delicacy is the piranha or piering, as they are called in Suriname and “peinya” in Saramaccan, the language the locals speak. Catching these fish is considered something to be proud of as many people fear them.
Other fish found around Kninipaati are the catfish, “katfisi” in Sranan, and the stingrays, or sparis in Sranan and “sipai” in Saramaccan. The kumalu, a bigger brother of the piranha, is a delicious fish to eat. One is therefore enormously pleased when these fish are caught. They look a bit like Portuguese dorado and are just as “meaty. The ‘tukunari’ or ‘tukunai’ is a large fish found locally. Most delicious is the “pakusi,” also a big brother of the piranha.
Fishing is a daily activity of the local residents of the Upper Suriname area.
Therefore, it is not always the case that PET bottles floating on the river are pollution. Often they are bottles recycled as floats for nets!
Feel free to ask the guides if you can go fishing one with them.
They will gladly take you so you can experience the river as they do!

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