Ownership and management

Original residents
Knini Paati

Our Eco lodges

Built with local materials, resources and manpower.

Locally involved

Investing in the local community and our environment is important to us


Jungle & River Resort

Knini Paati River Resort is the place where the beauty of contrasts comes together. In the heart of Suriname, this jungle resort is deeply tucked away in the forest.
We are only reachable by korjaal but despite that our accommodation is equipped with all comforts and comfort.

Knini Paati

Knini Paati River Resort is the place that embodies the beauty of diversity. The beautiful resort, with its spacious and comfortable lodges, is located only three hours and one hour boat ride away from Paramaribo (about 200km).
It is an island that lies in the middle of the Ferulasi Sula, in the Upper Suriname area, and where the Maroons (the enslaved Africans who fled slavery) settled centuries ago.
You are visiting the area where they have been living in harmony with nature ever since.
Nature life..

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Local Involvement

Women - We support women within the community with employment and entrepreneurship.

Education - In the village of New Aurora we support the school with improving education.

Well-being - We support the elderly in the villages in their daily lives.

Lodges & Facilities

Knini Paati is a small-scale Jungle Resort and has 9 spacious lodges that perfectly lend themselves to a few days
Relaxing. .

all lodges have a view of the river.
Hammocks, air conditioning and a fan.
The use of the Wi-Fi is free, as is the swimming pool.


Nightly Boat Trip

Experience the jungle at night during an exciting boat trip in the moonlight. Learn to recognize the sounds of the nocturnal animals. And are those shimmering eyes on the water surface of a caiman … or something else? ..

Experience The Sula!

The Ferulasi Sula in all its splendor and power! Enjoy the sparkling water in the natural bubble baths while all your worries are washed away and the sun caresses you .. Easy to unwind!

Forest Walk

GJoin the Maroons into their world and see the jungle through their eyes. Need medicine? Thirsty? Food? Need a phone? Nature takes care of everything!


Catch fish like the locals do! No high-tech rods or fishing bait but fishing gear made of materials from the jungle. They catch the biggest fish with their traditional rods! Will you accept the challenge?

Village Walk

Visit one of the nearby villages! Help with baking cassava bread or wood carving. Or do you want to learn how to get and keep your pans as shiny as the Maroon women do? Experience everyday life in a Maroon village!

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