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Knini Paati River Resort owes its success, among other things, to its team of employees who tirelessly bear responsibility for the care of guests. We regularly post a small portrait of one of our team members. For you as a guest to get to know them but also for us as a token of appreciation for their good services.

Olga Lugard, (1960), chef:

Olga Lugard, mother of 4 and grandmother of 1, has been working at Knini Paati for three years. With a lot of love and patience she and the rest of the kitchen team prepare the tastiest meals for the guests three times a day. Olga: “I cook with as much love for the guests as when I cook for myself or my children.”:

Every night the guests see Olga say hello after her shift. Then she paddles across the river where part of the staff stays. She’s from New Aurora, where she returns once a month. “What Do I do in my spare time? When I stay across the street, I river, cook for myself and go to rest because I return to the resort early the next day to have breakfast on time

Serve. When I’m in New Aurora, I’ll take care of my mom. She’s not the youngest anymore. Do I work on my kostgrondje? No, with my job on Knini, I can’t do that anymore. My sister took over.”

While she answers the questions, she keeps turning an eye to the kitchen in between. She’s baking fish. Sometimes guests can taste local dishes but usually well-known dishes are prepared. “What I would like to get the guests to taste?

"... krontopapa or pinda aleysi.."

Hm, yes, pinda aleysi or peanut rice is very tasty. And so is Krontopapa. That’s a porridge made of rice. You cook it nicely and add sugar and fresh coconut milk. That’s really good!”

The guests are always talking about the food on Knini Paati and that is thanks in part to Olga and her cooking skills. “Thank you. It always makes me very happy when they come to thank us for the good food and the hospitality. Can I continu work now? I can’t sit still that long.”

She quickly gets up and walks into the kitchen, her domain. “Guests shouldn’t complain, that’s not good!”

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