Heli Sightseeing Tour

V.a. USD 430,- p.p.

Knini Paati and Pegasus Air Services have started a partnership from April 2022.
Together we offer the exclusive Heli Sight Seeing Tour from Knini Paati to Table Mountain.

This tour will run once a month on a Saturday and/or on Sundays and public holidays.

Tour info

After departure from Knini Paati, there is a flight to the Augustval (on top of Table Mountain) after which an orientation on location takes place. It is possible to swim there. Then after an hour there is a flight to the waterfall Twin Sisters, the waterfall that is just below the Augustval. In addition to the two previously mentioned traps, there are other traps that can be visited such as the Petromina traps. You will also be given a tour of the relevant location. After half an hour the helicopter leaves the Twin Sisters waterfall back to Knini Paati.

The flight time from Knini Paati to Table Mountain is approximately half an hour (30 minutes).


Number of peoplerate per person
9USD 399.00
8USD 428.00
7USD 485.00
6USD 561.00
Based on 2 persons per flight


Number of peoplerate per person
6USD 426.00
5USD 506.00
4USD 625.00

Tour schedule

The departure and arrival times of the tours that are carried out from Knini Paati are as follows.

Departure timeArrival time
TOUR 108:00h11:00 a.m.
TOUR 211:15 am13:45h
TOUR 32:00 p.m.4:30 pm

The bookings for the Heli Sight Seeing Day Tour are done by Knini Paati.

Cost overview

The cheapest flight per person is based on 9 people. As the number decreases, the cost per person increases.

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